Raising Seed Money for a Start Up

My Experience

My career started outside of Nashville, where I ran my Investments and Insurance practice working mainly with young professionals and families. I enjoy what I do and how I help my clients, I truly believe that the value is in the knowledge I gain and the plan we put together. Anyways… One day in September I got a call from a long time friend, trusted business partner, and entrepreneur about getting involved with his startup and so it began.

In the ensuing two months My family and I relocated to Boca Raton, FL. While we simultaneously raised $200k for our growing vision. As a 23 year old with nothing but an idea, a teaser website, and a Highly touted “team” behind the company the road had many obstacles. But it’s not about the destination, it is about the journey.

I still remember the first investment I landed, The FIRST WEEK I began raising money, and it wasn’t a parent or family member. It was a good friend, who I have always stayed close with and also keeps a keen eye on the market. That $5k was the boost I needed to really push the funding effort I needed. I then dipped into all of my personal contacts, emailing with our Investor Webinar and a quick “really exciting, want to talk with you about this…”. After another 2 weeks I had landed another $20k from my business mentors and a few family friends. I was at $25k!!!! and I knew there was more to come, I just had to go out and get it.

As the funding rolled in, our vision began to conceptualize and become a reality. The development in our first few months was nothing less than extraordinary and allowed us to continue our funding campaign, with confidence. I turned to my closest and biggest supporters, my Family. My excitement, belief, and the paradigm shift our startup offers truly went viral. I responded with another $20k in that two week period, all in $5k chunks!!!! The excitement and embodiment of our brand allowed me to really show investors just how valuable our offer is.

As time rolled down, and I needed to begin my move to Florida my final push for seed money was underway. I turned to my clients, showing the opportunity to those I felt would really love our niche service. They responded miraculously, at this point our sites were built and we were in conversation with a few VC firms and strategic partners. With that being said I landed a $10k hit and 3 other $5k from referrals!!!! It’s so important to inform your clients on any and all opportunities, you never know who they might share it with.

As I write this, it has been 3 months since I raised $70k individually of seed money, and combined we raised over $200k. We have secured a VC firm t continue our funding, on our behalf. They have promised us capital in the near future, 30-90 days, however we are on pause until we receive funds, so it’s back to the grind to find some more funding.

This has been an amazing growing experience, and the things I have learned along the way are incredible. Moving forward, we will be a revolutionary site, but for now it’s time to raise!!!


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