Millennials look for Technology and Trust in Advisors Today

A staggering  29 percent of millennials have sought the advice of a financial professional, posing either a large threat or opportunity for today’s Financial Professionals. The massive transition of wealth over the next 3 decades is estimated north of $30 trillion, to the millennial generation.

For Millennials, and even Gen X Individuals, Advisors need to stay relevant. There is a changing tide in how people want to interact with their Professionals. Technology, specifically Applications, now drive the majority of new clients to Advisors. may just be the answer for not only experienced Advisors, but new Advisors trying to make it in the industry. They are doing this by transforming how consumers connect, engage and retain financial professionals in today’s modern, online, mobile, social, digital world.

Changing Tides


Younger clients are increasingly ditching their computers, spending more time on smartphones and tablets. If an Advisor doesn’t have a mobile friendly site, social presence, and platform they are missing so many meetings. As you can see in the above chart, the trend towards a service like is explosive.

For the Advisor offers qualified leads that will grow their business and solve the “hills and valleys” that come along with prospecting. As a Guaranteed Pro the obstacle of Creating a known name brand is taken care of. Their geo-targeted exclusivity is great for the younger tech savvy consumer, and creates an even playing field instead of “paying to play”. More and More each day, consumers are losing trust in google ads and need a resource for professionals during their life events

The Professional and Consumer sites GPROSplus has, along with mobile app capabilities are what consumers want. Their platform for Advisors is fantastic, complete with a whole suite of ancillary marketing and advertising services to grow their business in our ever changing modern world.

Changes in today’s professional world are happening daily. With the advancement of technology, and the subsequent millennial desire to use various social outlets, it presents a serious barrier of entry. On the other hand, for Advisors who are willing to try new platforms and utilize advancements in technology the opportunities are endless.

-Michael Galvin


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