The Significance of Differentiation and Threat of Branding in the Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate industry, much like other professional fields, is full of hills and valleys. This post addresses some of  the industry issues, provides relevant information, and a solution for Real Estate Agents as well as Consumers.

There seemingly has been some provocative claims made against the National Association of Realtors. Concerning various topics ranging from professionalism and training of agents to the commissions charged consumers, and even the association’s leadership.

Are the claims true that the industry is riddled with part-time, untrained, unethical or unknowledgable agents?

  • While other professions often undergo long educational years and continuous training for thousands of hours or multiple years, there seems to be low entry requirements for Real Estate Agents on the other hand.
  • To be exact, the lowest state requirement for licensing to sell homes is 13 hours. On average, the number sits around 70 hours.

The answer, in my opinion, is NO, Realtors are fully credible! However, there is a dilemma on hand for agents of all kinds… Professional, diligent agents across the country increasingly understand that the ‘not-so-good’ agents are shining a negative image upon the industry.

This Dilemma can easily be solved by differentiation. Pros utilizing are vetted giving the consumer a Realtor they can trust, and the agent a client for life.

Everything Changes for people who previously had no SINGLE credible and trusted source for finding the best Professional they need.

It seems like a best case scenario for the industry and the consumer. On one hand, the issue facing the Branding, Trust, and Competence of Agents is addressed. While on the other hand, consumers during the hectic and exciting life event of buying or selling a home can find an Agent in Their area that they know they can trust.

-Mike Galvin


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