Branding and Differentiation is difficult in our modern society. At the end of the day, it all begins with You!!

We no longer live in a word of mouth only society. Today, in order for professionals to be successful they must utilize the social, mobile and digital capabilities available. If you’re standing still in this regard, then so is your business. Empowering yourself by becoming versed in what you have to offer, what you want and most importantly, how to ask for it.

Surprisingly, my interactions with Professionals across a variety of industries reveal they have common issues. It seems, despite the education, certifications, licensing, etc… Marketing is a black cow for Professionals with their own practice. I believe it’s because they are so vested in their client’s and focused on their work that marketing becomes an ancillary thought. But without new clients, your business will fail.

The challenges we face today go much further than an uncertain economy. Competition has never been greater. Specialization and niche markets make barriers of entry for new companies. All the while globalization, changing demographics and ultimately the millennial generation prove that a new way to Differentiate and Brand yourself must arise.

As a Professional, who has accepted and related to some of the things I have discussed their are ways to begin your growth.

The first suggestion I would make is go to and Sign up to become a charter member. This instantly gives your name and your practice some huge validity. Their model is not pay for play. Instead, they offer limited geo-exclusivity and differentiation. GPROSplus will bring you new clients, review your current social, digital, mobile and traditional marketing strategy, and optimize your spending to maximize ROI for your business. They take what may seem like another language (marketing, branding, bringing in new clients), so you can focus on what’s most important to you, your clients. is a community of people connecting with Professionals they need. These vary just as life’s stages. One thing remains constant, they are passionate and dedicated to taking care of each individual they encounter.

Don’t you as a Professional want that on your side? I would hope so.

Segueing from GPROSplus, in order to be successful it is critical to set yourself apart. Think about the following questions:

  1. What are your value-adds, what about you brings about a call to action?
  2. Do you have a personal brand? Can you Define It?
  3. Are you capable and well versed in spreading your brand?
  4. Do you work on growing, spreading and enhancing your brand daily?

These Questions should help you begin thinking about your practice. All of these questions have solutions provided for your business by GPROSplus. However, the first step towards embracing and living your brand is to change your train of thought.

No longer is this going to be a daily task. You are taking Charge of your career by beginning the conversation and realizing you need a successful career management strategy.

Once you  team up with GPROSplus and create an effective branding and marketing outlook, you will find it to be a natural process that you do not even realize you have engaged. Best of all you can focus on self actualization… Knowing your value, setting goals and doing what brings you the most passion and sense of accomplishment in life.

This is the art of personal branding and marketing that you need in today’s world. I hope this was a valuable read for you, even if it wasn’t take this one nugget of knowledge with you: “When presented with the opportunity to better someone… Doing nothing is a choice; however taking action is having a conscience”.

-Mike Galvin




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